Struggling? Should You Seek a Mental Health Diagnosis?

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Struggling with your mental health? Get help in determining whether you should seek a mental health diagnosis on HealthyPlace.

Struggling? Should You Seek a Mental Health Diagnosis?

When is it time to seek a mental health diagnosis? Too many times, people live for weeks, months, years, even decades, in pain. The pain can be mental, emotional or physical, and it can impact thoughts, feelings, actions, relationships, and the ability to live a full, quality life. Would seeking professional mental health help and being evaluated for a mental health diagnosis do any good?

Thinking straight when you’re struggling with mental health can be extremely difficult. Considering these questions could help you determine if seeing a doctor or therapist might help you:

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with daily life more often than not?
  • Is it hard to focus and concentrate?
  • Do your thoughts race, or conversely, do you have a hard time forming and holding thoughts?
  • Have things taken a turn for the worse recently and you can’t seem to get back on track?
  • Have you had new changes?
  • Is self-care difficult?
  • Do you experience more struggle than joy?

Multiple “yes” answers indicate that you may benefit from a mental health evaluation from a doctor or therapist. You might receive a mental health diagnosis that will help you determine the right mental health treatment, or you might not be diagnosed with anything but still could gain much from treatment.

Rather than thinking in terms of getting a mental health diagnosis, consider professional help a way to regain your mental health, wellbeing, and quality life.

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