Is Mental Health Therapy Right for You?

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How do you know if mental health therapy is right for you? On HealthyPlace, learn what to consider before deciding to seek therapy. Read this.

Is Mental Health Therapy Right for You?

Deciding whether or not to seek mental health therapy can be anxiety-provoking. Will my therapist judge me and give me strict orders about my life? Will therapy help me overcome my diagnosis? What will he/she do to me in therapy? How does mental health counseling work?

Having questions isn't only normal, it's helpful. Knowing what you want from therapy as well as what you don't want can help you determine if mental health therapy is right for you. Each therapist is different, and there are numerous approaches to helping (Different Types of Mental Health Therapy). The following information can guide you as you consider mental health therapy:

  • There are very few judgmental therapists. In fact, many therapists have dealt with their own mental health issues in the past.
  • Skilled helpers aren't bossy; rather than telling you what to do, they work with you to discover the best approach toward healing.
  • Not every therapist is helpful to every client. Personality clashes do exist, and sometimes a therapist's approach doesn't work for a given client.
  • To discover a good fit and to find the right therapist for you, it's okay to consult with multiple therapists to discuss your questions and learn how each one approaches therapy.

Asking questions and seeking answers can help you determine if mental health therapy is right for you.

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