Beauty Influencers Sharing Mental Health Problems for Profit

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Beauty vloggers sharing mental health tips is becoming very common, but it might not be a good thing. Find out why at HealthyPlace

Beauty Influencers Sharing Mental Health Problems for Profit

Have you noticed that people are increasingly sharing mental health tips online? In large part, this is a good thing. In some instances, though, it might not be good.

YouTube in particular has become a platform for celebrities and influencers to impart their wisdom on their followers. A wildly popular trend is beauty vlogging, in which YouTube celebs share information about how the rest of us can look and live like them. Some beauty vloggers have ventured into the realm of mental health, sharing advice for de-stressing, dealing with depression and anxiety, and more.

On the surface, there’s nothing wrong with this. Sometimes, though, questionable motives lie beneath the surface. Often, beauty vloggers are selling products, either their own lines or products of their sponsors.

Their message is this: beauty involves self-care for mental health; using the beauty vlogger’s products will let you create a perfect, mentally healthy life; when this doesn’t work, return to the vlog for more product recommendations.

Are Your Online Mental Health Sources Trustworthy?

Not every vlogger has a financial motive, of course, and not every online mental health resource is corrupt. This is simply a growing trend to be aware of.

At HealthyPlace, one of our primary goals is providing trustworthy mental health information to our readers and followers. Our mental health bloggers and vloggers have lived experience with the mental health condition they write/vlog about. We pay them directly for their insight; our bloggers and vloggers have no contact with advertisers nor do they push products or services. HealthyPlace offers pure mental health content you can trust.

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Your Thoughts

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