Quell Anxiety, Calm Emotions with This Mindfulness Strategy

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Drastically reduce your anxiety, calm your emotions and become quickly centered using the R.A.I.N. mindfulness strategy. Learn more on HealthyPlace.

Quell Anxiety, Calm Emotions with This Mindfulness Strategy

At its core, reducing the effects of mental illness on your life and determining ways to live well in spite of it is a long-term approach and a gradual, steady process. However, you can do things to manage any mental illness, personality disorder, or life stress in the moment when your struggle is intense. Using proven techniques, you can drastically reduce your anxiety or calm your emotions and become quickly centered and better able to deal with your situation on the spot.

One such well-established and credible approach is a mindfulness strategy called RAIN. RAIN was developed by Michele McDonald, an international insight meditation teacher, and it is used by mindfulness leader Tara Brach in her teachings. When you are stuck in anxiety or other strong, negative thoughts and emotions, pause, take a slow deep breath, and let it RAIN:

  • Recognize your emotions
  • Allow or accept them to exist without fighting with them
  • Investigate without judging or berating yourself; with openness, ask what is happening in the moment that is causing your strong reaction
  • Natural awareness through mindfulness lets you use your senses (not your thoughts and emotions) to be present in just the moment and relax

RAIN is cleansing. It lets you pause and reset, quieting your thoughts and emotions in each moment.

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