Surviving Mental Illness Stigma in a Judgmental World

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Surviving Mental Illness Stigma in a Judgmental World

Surviving Mental Illness Stigma in a Judgmental WorldWhen you struggle with a mental illness, it can be difficult to just make it through the day. Whether you have bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia or another mental illness, when you feel unlike yourself, others often notice. Even though many people try to take the confident route and push mental health stigma aside, it's human to feel frustrated, even "less-than".

The world is filled with judgmental eyes and thoughts. In this day and age, if you talk or behave in an unusual way, you are bound to be talked about. Even though this is unfortunate, the stigma that comes with mental illness can be quite negative.

Focus on Yourself, Not the Negativity of Others

It can be difficult to push aside the negative attitudes of those around you. When it comes to enjoying the life you live, it's crucial to find a way to push those judgmental people aside and embrace the positive in your world. Embrace those who support you and focus on your happiness and not the mental illness stigma surrounding you or the self-stigma inside you. When you are finally able to do just that, the judgmental world we live in won't look as harsh.

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