Treat Yourself to a Mental Health Boost that Lasts

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Do you want to know how to boost your mental health? It’s something very simple but the effects can last a lifetime.  Find out how on HealthyPlace.

Treat Yourself to a Mental Health Boost that Lasts

Do you want to know how to boost your mental health? One of the simplest ways to improve your mental health is to treat yourself to something you like. People living with mental illness tend to be extremely hard on themselves, blaming themselves for something that isn’t their fault. Boost your mental health by treating yourself.

Do something nice for yourself. Treating yourself to something special, no matter how small, teaches you that you are worthy: of respect, of kindness, of happiness.
However, how do you treat yourself when you don’t believe in yourself and it feels like nothing matters?

These are real concerns that mean your need to treat yourself is high. Here are a few tips for doing it:

  • Do it anyway. The action of treating yourself comes before you feel like doing it. It’s the act of giving yourself a treat that provides the energy—the burst of fun that can lift the heavy weight of mental illness—that leads to more.
  • Make it personal. Your treat is for you. Maybe you like listening to music and moving to the beat. Perhaps plan a small garden. Get a chinchilla. Bake cookies. Journal. Draw. Color. Buy a pack of gum. Anything that gives you even a small amount of pleasure is a treat.
  • Make it a habit for your mental health. It creates the lasting power of something to look forward to. That’s a treat in and of itself.

So, there you go. Treating yourself to something nice will give you a mental health boost that lasts. You’re showing yourself that you are indeed worthy.

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