Parenting Apps That Help You Keep It All Together

Parenting apps and co-parenting apps can help you stay afloat when life and child raising are stressful.  Check out this list of apps for instant parenting help.

Parenting apps can rescue you when you feel like you’re losing it. The everyday stresses of parenting accumulate until you feel frustrated and unable to handle the chaos. If you have a smart phone, you have a valuable tool. A plethora of parenting apps are available that provide information, strategies, tips, and activities. Some are even interactive and allow you to connect with other parents to share stories and exchange advice.  Here you’ll find a sampling of some of the most useful parenting apps.  

Parenting Apps for Navigating Challenges and Creating Cooperative Kids

Best of Parenting

If you need tools and techniques for reducing power struggles, whining, tantrums, and other conflicts and trying behavior, Best of Parenting just might become your best friend. Deal with negative challenges and build positive behaviors and relationships. Use the app in the moment for tips and access it any time for inspiration, guidance, weekly tips, and information for raising happy, well-adjusted kids.

Parenting Tips for Children & Family

This app provides parenting education courses where and when you want to take them. This collection of audio programs and workshops covers topics like discipline, conscious parenting, building relationships with your kids, positive and effective communication, and much more. You can also relax and drift to sleep with relaxation meditations.

Building Blocks of Parenting

If you’d like to accumulate valuable parenting tips as well as fun, easy activities to implement those tips right away and over time, the Building Blocks of Parenting app provides what you’re seeking. Parents learn research-based information in six areas of parenting, family, and child development and school involvement. Parenting strategies and activities reinforce the knowledge. You can also participate in a parental support community and interact with other parents.

Parenting Apps for Parents at Various Developmental Stages

The Mom’s Manual: Parenting Advice for New Parents

Created for moms, The Mom’s Manual is a comprehensive, interactive app that covers pregnancy and fetal development, healthy eating for expecting mothers and their growing babies plus nutrition after delivery. Moms also learn about topics like vaccinations, good parenting skills, babies and toddlers, and more. This parenting app includes a free chat for expecting and new moms to connect with each other, ask questions, and receive tips and input.

BeDad: Parenting Tips for Dad

Fathers play a vital role in parenting their children. This app provides parenting information and tips for fathers of teenage sons. Dads can read tips for raising their teen boys from other dads who have been there. Perhaps most valuable is a section of the app providing help in discussing a wide range of difficult topics.

Co-Parenting Apps


AppClose makes life easier and more convenient for co-parents. You can easily stay organized, share information about your kids, create a shared calendar to track events and appointments. If you wish, you can grant others access to and participation in the app. Text your co-partner from within this app. You can also send and receive money if one of you needs to reimburse the other. The practical aspects of life as a co-parent become easier with this app.

Parentship: Best Co-Parenting App for Happier Life

Get help and relief when you are parents trying to co-parent well. This co-parenting app pulls the practical aspects of child-raising together in one handy electronic space. Create profiles of each child complete with important information such as medical records. You can track other documents, too, to eliminate the stress of trying to keep track of paper records and sending them back and forth between you. Use the calendar to keep dates and events in one place that you’ll both see.  Reduce stress and increase enjoyment of your kids.

Parenting apps provide parenting help at your fingertips, the moment you need it. Reduce stress, remain calm, and interact with your kids and with other parents. Find an app that fits your unique needs, and use it to enhance your family life.

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