Famous People with Paranoid Personality Disorder

Read about famous people with paranoid personality disorder and learn about celebrities with paranoid personality disorder.

In case you were wondering, there are famous people with paranoid personality disorder, or at least who seemed to have many of the symptoms of paranoid personality disorder when they were alive. Some experts suspect that Josef Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and Richard M. Nixon all had paranoid personality disorder (PPD). Certainly, without a full psychological evaluation of each of these men, no one can make a definitive diagnosis. People familiar with these men and their behaviors claim they didn’t trust those around them, were consistently suspicious of even innocent acts of kindness, and were frequently hostile and argumentative.

Famous People With Paranoid Personality Disorder

It's difficult to find any famous people with paranoid personality disorder who publicly admit to their condition. Unfortunately, there's still considerable stigma associated with personality disorders, so sufferers and their families, both famous and unknown, tend to keep the information to themselves.

So, while you won't read about celebrities with paranoid personality disorder here, you can view movies with celebrities portraying characters with the condition.

Conspiracy Theory, 1997, starring Mel Gibson

This movie, Mel Gibson plays Jerry Fletcher, a suspicious and distrustful man obsessed with conspiracy theories.

The Caine Mutiny, 1954, Humphrey Bogart

This World War II drama follows the paranoia of naval officer, Phillip Queeg, played by Humphrey Bogart.

The Treasure of Sierra Madre, 1948, Humphrey Bogart

One of the three gold prospectors in this movie, Fred Dobbs, has a classic case of paranoid personality disorder. Humphrey Bogart plays Dobbs.

Falling Down, 1993, Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas plays William Foster, an unemployed defense contractor who lashes out violently against society.

Toto le Heros, 1991, Michel Bouquet

Thomas, played by Michel Bouquet, and Alfred were infants when a nursery fire sent nurses frantically scrambling to save the babies. Thomas exhibits traits commonly found in those with paranoid personality disorder.

Paranoid personality disorder, like other mental illnesses, can occur in anyone – rich or poor, tall, short, fat, thin, educated, uneducated, famous, or unknown.

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