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  • Find out why failing at losing weight may be a good thing. Click here.
  • How can negative thinking actually make you feel better? Click here.
  • How can you make people like you for five cents? Click here.
  • How can it improve your life to take less responsibility? Click here.
  • How can you have more time (and less stress)? Click here.
  • The ancient Hindus used the same technique as modern cognitive therapy to lessen human suffering. Curious? Click here.
  • Is there a quick and easy way to stop yourself from feeling angry or annoyed? Click here.
  • Count your blessings, appreciate what you have, and feel more satisfied with your life. Click here.
  • There is an enormous body of accumulated scientific evidence that optimism becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Click here.
  • How you can improve your health without spending money or breaking a sweat? Click here.
  • The secret of success is persistence. But how can you become more persistent? There's a hard way and an easy way. Click here.
  • Enhance the quality of your life using a technique developed in one of Hitler's concentration camps. Click here.
  • How is it possible that pessimistic thoughts in your head could shut down your immune system? The evidence is in. Click here.
  • Abraham Lincoln was probably the greatest, most profoundly moral president ever to be elected to office. Do you know what he thought about religion? Click here.

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