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A man's capacity to get and maintain an erection decreases gradually as he ages, while most women require more than penile penetration to reach orgasm.

The penis shape and erection angle vary from man to man - there is no normal shape or size and the average erection is roughly horizontal from the body.

Most men cannot reach orgasm more than once in about an hour and most have between one and four orgasms per week, depending on their age. Men don't 'come in buckets' - usually they ejaculate about a teaspoon-full upon climax.

Most women require more than penile penetration to reach orgasm - 'thrusting' alone is usually not enough - clitoral stimulation and foreplay are usually more important.

A woman's natural lubrication cannot be turned on like a tap - it needs desire, stimulation and a little time, and on those occasions when the woman is 'drier' than usual, a water-based artificial lubricant is a normal adjunct to enjoyable lovemaking.

Some of the most important discoveries sexual partners can make about each other during sex is through talking - finding out what excites and arouses them, what are turn-offs, what are fears and anxieties, what are fantasies, how vigorous their sex could be.

Find out about each other and take sex further by having a shared knowledge about the kind of sensual lovemaking that appeals to you both. Sexual and emotional needs vary from person to person - some people are happy in monogamous relationships, others have a desire for more than one partner.

Masturbation in front of your partner (with her/his agreement and encouragement) or together (mutual masturbation) can be a turn-on for both partners and is a valid and very enjoyable part of lovemaking.

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