Creative Specs for Advertisers adheres to IAB guidelines and accepts the following interactive marketing units:

  • 160x600 (20K no flash / 40K w/flash)
  • 300x600 (20K no flash / 40K w/flash)
  • 300x250 (20K no flash / 40K w/flash)
  • 728x90 (20K no flash / 40K w/flash) accepts units in the following formats:
jpg, gif, flash, pointroll and eyeblaster.

Expanding Ad Guidelines

  • Expanding ads must be user-initiated. User-initiated standard ad units expand beyond standard size on mouse-over and must include language to indicate rollover functionality, such as "roll over to learn more" or "roll over to expand."
  • Expanding ads must have a PROMINENT "CLOSE X" button, not less than 10-pt type, in the upper right hand corner of the expanded portion of the ad. EXCEPTION: Slider ads must have a 16-pt Arial font "CLOSE X" button in the upper left corner of the expanded portion of the ad.
  • Up to 100K in polite download is allowed.
  • Expanded portion MUST automatically close when the user's cursor moves off the ad.
  • Expanding skyscrapers MUST be able to open to the right and to the left, because has skyscraper placements on both the right and the left.
  • Expanding leaderboards MUST be able to expand to the bottom because leaderboard placements are only on the top of the page.
  • Expanding 300x250 rectangles MUST be able to open to the right and to the left, because has rectangle placements on both the right and the left.

Video Guidelines accepts video ads.

  • allows video ads to appear before appropriate editorial video.
  • The streaming video ad is clickable and has pause, play and mute buttons. Max 30 seconds.
  • Video cannot automatically start; should begin only upon user-initiation and audio must be click to start.
  • Video must be engineered to load politely after content on the page has loaded.
  • Please submit multiple creatives if possible to provide variety to viewers.

Policy Guidelines for Ads that Collect Personal Information:

If you wish to collect personal information within advertisements, those ad units will need to:

  • Clearly identify your organization.
  • Provide a direct link to your privacy policy, adjacent to the submit button.
  • Clearly identify the purpose for collecting the information.

If you are considering using a different IMU or format, please let us know and we'll do the best we can to accommodate you.

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