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Hello There. I'm Gail Miller, author of the book, "The Wild Child."

It's about a mother, driven to the edge of despair by her unruly son, and her fight with the authorities for recognition and treatment for his condition.

I'm also an ADHD activist and sort of the "covergirl" for parents of adhd kids in Britain.

Since I am here in England, I plan to not only share my experiences, knowledge, and insights with you, but I also want to give a British slant on how attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is perceived here, what's being done about it and resources available here and on the net to help you help your child be the best he or she can be.

And, as if you didn't know, it's not easy being the parent of an adhd child. I'll share my thoughts about that with you.

So come on inside. There's lots of great information. Read my story. Maybe you'll see at least part of yourself in it?

Feel free to navigate through my website and read true ADD/ADHD stories and articles about what is Attention Deficit Disorder, how to cope with your ADD child and ADHD treatment & management issues. Here are the contents:

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