ADHD-ADD Conference Transcripts Table of Contents

Conference transcripts dealing with many aspects of ADHD in children and adults.

  1. Adult ADHD Diagnosis - Conference Transcript
    Guest: Dr. Lenard Adler

  2. Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Issues
    Guest: Dr. Joyce Nash

  3. Advocating ADD/ADHD children
    Guest: Judy Bonnell

  4. Alternative Thoughts About Attention Deficit Disorder
    Guest: Gabor Mate

  5. Advice and Insights for Parents of Children with ADHD
    Guest: Brandi Valentine

  6. Coaching, For Parents of ADD/ADHD Children
    Guest: Dr. Richfield

  7. Coping Skills for Adults with ADD, ADHD
    Guest: Thom Hartmann

  8. Mood Disorders in Children
    Guest: Trudy Carlson

  9. Parenting Difficult Children
    Guest: Howard Glasser

  10. Parents of ADHD Teens: School issues, social, and peer relationships
    Guests: Dr. Alan Graham, and Dr. Bill Benninger

  11. Special Education Law
    Guests: Pete Wright and Pam Wright.

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