Medication Safety Tips

Important medication safety tips include telling your doctor about any over the counter and herbal medicine you're taking. Read other tips.

  • Keep a list of all medications, including over the counter and herbal medicine. Show this list to all doctors and your pharmacist.

  • Use one pharmacy, so they can detect drug interactions and call your doctor if any interactions are detected.

  • Follow your doctor's instructions for taking medications, but work with your doctor to fit your medication schedule to your schedule: when you need to get up, go to bed and get things done. Ask the doctor what to do if you miss a dose. Never take two doses at the same time unless you have the doctor's OK.

  • Avoid alcohol and street drugs. Report changes in nicotine and caffeine consumption to all your doctors.

  • Keep all appointments. Don't hesitate to ask questions (make a list ahead of time). Tell the doctor about any health problems or side effects. Tell the doctor if you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or nursing.

  • Make sure your psychiatrist knows what your medical doctor is doing for you (whether prescribing medication or recommending an operation or medical procedure) and vice versa.

  • Store medications in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.

  • Be patient. Remember, many side effects diminish in a few weeks. It may take a few weeks before you begin to feel better, too.

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