5 Reasons To Love Yourself When You Have a Mental Illness

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Mental illness can be cruel and make you feel as though you’re less-than. Here are 5 reasons to love yourself when mental illness bullies you.

5 Reasons To Love Yourself When You Have a Mental Illness

One of the cruelest things about living with a mental illness is that it becomes your bully. It zaps your self-esteem, and it makes you believe what stigma says about people with mental illness (Signs of Self-Stigma). To help you regain perspective about yourself, here are some reasons to love yourself:

  1. You have hopes, dreams, and goals. Mental illness can make them difficult to realize, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Life visions don’t have a minimum speed limit, and they can’t be forced off the road.
  2. You have your own set of values and sense of what’s important to you. Having a mental illness doesn’t mean you don’t believe in anything.
  3. You have unique abilities and talents. Certain things are happening in your brain that can make life difficult, but there’s more to you than those things.  
  4. You have character strengths inherent within you. They are a large part of who you are. Your illness is not.
  5. Even on your very worst days, you are you. You’re surviving. You have a spark inside you that never stops glowing. Your illness might at times cast a shadow over it, but it can’t extinguish that inner glow. By calling on your dreams, goals, values, abilities, talents, and character strengths, you can gradually make that spark ignite into a flame.


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