Beware of Kratom! It’s Dangerous to Your Mental Health

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Kratom is being used as a mental health booster to decrease anxiety, increase focus and energy. Although legal, it’s highly addictive. Read more on HealthyPlace.

Beware of Kratom! It’s Dangerous to Your Mental Health

Have you heard of kratom? Do you know it’s like Xanax, Valium, Vicodin, and heroin?  

Kratom is gaining popularity as a mental health booster. It’s used to decrease anxiety, especially social anxiety, and to increase energy and focus. In higher doses, kratom leads to euphoria and pain relief. Kratom’s benefits come naturally, from a plant native to Southeast Asia. It’s legal in the U.S. and you don’t need a prescription to get it.

Kratom acts like both benzodiazepines and opioids. And like them, kratom is highly addictive. Someone using kratom can easily become dependent, needing more to feel the effects they want. Then comes full-blown addiction that requires professional treatment.  

The drug is used by teens to study hard, lose social inhibitions, and feel great. It’s easy for teens to use. They can drink it as a tea, chew it as gum, smoke it, take it as a pill, or eat it. One mom asked her teenage son if he knew about kratom. He replied, “Tons of people at my school use it. Teachers don’t know, but it’s legal so it doesn’t matter.”

The more you—and teens in your life—know about kratom, the better equipped you’ll be to pass on this drug that upfront sounds too good to be true.     


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