Do Online Mental Health Tests Actually Work?

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Are online mental health tests reliable? Read 4 guidelines to find out if online mental health tests really work at HealthyPlace

Do Online Mental Health Tests Actually Work?

Facing mental health challenges is confusing. Many websites offer tests to help you sort out your mental health symptoms. They’re often free, confidential, and come with the promise of answers. But do online mental health tests work? Consider these guidelines:

  • Use a credible source. The online psychological tests offered at HealthyPlace, for example, are based on reliable sources such as the DSM-5 and actual psychological tests, such as the Goldberg Depression Questionnaire. On the other end of the spectrum, Facebook quizzes such as “How Sensitive is Your OCD Radar?” are inaccurate and misleading.
  • Analyze your results. Don’t rely on what the test tells you. Instead, write down your symptoms and how they are interfering in your life. Match your list to your test results and see if they line up.
  • Take more than one and compare results for consistency. But…
  • Limit your test taking. Don’t spend lots of time taking many different tests. Take a few, gather your information, and use it to go forward.

One of the most important things to remember about online mental health tests is that no online test is designed to diagnose. Online tests can help you organize your symptoms and act as a tool for talking to loved ones, doctors, therapists, and more. When used properly, online mental health tests can provide valuable insight that can lead to healing.

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