One Important Tip for Improving Your Mental Health Now

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Want to improve your mental health starting now? I’m sharing one mental health tip that will make a big difference. Check it out.

One Important Tip for Improving Your Mental Health Now

No matter what struggle you’re facing, you can improve your mental health now with one important tip: Know yourself.
Self-knowledge (self-awareness) is an important component of any plan to increase your mental health and wellbeing. Even dealing with severe and persistent mental illnesses becomes a bit easier when you get serious about knowing yourself.

Of course, increasing self-knowledge doesn’t make mental illness symptoms magically disappear. What it does is help you define what you want for your life, which allows you to take meaningful steps to thrive despite challenges.
Knowing yourself involves examining

  • Your vision and goals—what you want for your life
  • What your own unique symptoms and challenges are so you know what you want to work on
  • What is already working for you
  • What isn’t working so well
  • Your strengths
  • Your values and passions

Have fun with this exploration. Create a collage, turn your answers into your own coloring book and then color in the pages, or write your thoughts out on poster board, adding scribbles and drawings. Make this reflection yours.

Taking time with this exercise in knowing yourself helps you separate yourself from your mental health challenges. It changes your focus from the things you don’t want to what you do want for yourself. This one activity empowers you to take action toward the mentally healthy life you want and deserve.

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