You Can Be Self-Confident When You Live with Mental Illness

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Being self-confident when living with a mental illness may seem impossible, but it’s not. Learn 3 tips to become more confident at HealthyPlace.

You Can Be Self-Confident When You Live with Mental Illness

“Believe in yourself,” they say. If you live with a mental health disorder, you might have well-meaning friends and family members who try to encourage you.
Yet the nature of mental health disorders can make it difficult to have self-confidence. It’s hard to feel sure of yourself when mental illness looms over you. Mental illness in general

  • makes you question yourself, wondering if you’re thoughts and feelings are “normal”
  • zaps your energy, making you feel “lazy” or “worthless”
  • interferes in your ability to take actions you want to take

These are a few ways in which mental disorders interfere with self-confidence. Despite these things, you can believe in yourself and act with confidence. Try these tips:

  • When you find yourself questioning your thoughts, acknowledge them, but don’t get stuck there. Examine your goals and things you can do to achieve them regardless of what your thoughts are telling you.
  • Drop labels like “lazy” and “worthless.” Focus on self-care, including rest, exercise, and nutrition.
  • Know what’s important to you, and define goals accordingly. Then, create an action plan that involves taking small steps every day to achieve it.

Mental illness can affect your life, but you can move forward and live well despite it. It is this that hones self-confidence.

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