How to Contribute Your Stigma Story

As a person who is either living with a mental health disorder or has an immediate family member with a mental illness, have you experienced mental health stigma first-hand? If so, would you be willing to share your story with our audience? We are looking for stories that are authentic (not sugar coated or watered down) and that evoke strong emotional feelings in readers/viewers.

You can either write a short story (about 300-400 words) or share your thoughts and experiences in a video (no longer than 5 minutes). Here are some additional details of what we are looking for.

We have 2 different topics for you to choose from. Please only select one.

1. Was there a time when mental health stigma prevented you from disclosing that you had a mental illness?

  • During the period you were hiding the fact that you had a mental illness, why did you do that?
  • What were your concerns? Did you live in fear that others might find out?
  • How did hiding it affect you and the way you thought about yourself?

2. Disclosing your mental health condition

  • Why did you decide to "come out" and be public about the fact that you have a mental illness?
  • Was there anything specific that prompted you to do that? If the "Stand Up for Mental Health" campaign played a role in your decision, please mention that.
  • What has been the effect on you, personally, of being public?
  • Has it changed the way you feel in general and feel about yourself, specifically?
  • Would you encourage others to come out?

If you are doing a video, please let us know and we will send you upload instructions. Do not put any text or other messages on the video. Feel free to shoot the video inside or outside, but please make sure you are well lit and the sound is clear and easily heard (so viewer doesn’t have to crank up volume to hear).

In addition, whether you are doing a written version or video, please include:

  1. a picture of yourself (a good headshot, at least 300x300 pixels)
  2. your first and last name and, specifically, let us know that we can use your last name on our website
  3. your age
  4. your mental health diagnosis
  5. how many years you have experienced symptoms of mental illness
  6. your website/blog URL
  7. if you are on Google+, your profile page URL

Finally, the last thing that we require is that you help promote your story so that others can find it and read it. This includes:

  1. linking from your website or blog to the story
  2. sharing the story link on your social sites - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

To contact us: standup AT

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