Food Addiction Quiz, Addicted to Food Quiz

Addicted to food quiz can help you recognize if you are a food addict. Take food addiction quiz and share results with your doctor.

Why take an "Addicted to Food" quiz? Some people wonder if they just overeat or if their eating problem is related to food addiction. This food addiction quiz can help determine that.

Please don't forget, this food addiction quiz is not meant to give you a diagnosis. Only a doctor or other healthcare professional can do that.

Food Addiction Quiz Can Provide Insight

1. Has anyone ever told you that you have a problem with food?

2. Do you think food is a problem for you?

3. Do you eat large amounts of high-calorie food in short amounts of time?

4. Do you eat over feelings?

5. Can you stop eating whenever you wish?

6. Has your eating or weight ever interfered with your jobs, relationships, or finances?

7. How often do you get weighed?

8. Do you ever judge yourself by the number on your scale?

9. Do you often eat more than you planned to eat?

10. Have you hidden food or eaten in secret?

11. Have you become angry when someone eats food you have put aside for yourself?

12. Have you ever been anxious about your size, shape, or weight?

13. How many weight loss programs have you tried?

14. List all of the ways you have attempted to lose weight.

15. Do you manipulate ways to be alone so that you can eat privately?

16. Do your friends and companions over-eat or binge eat?

17. How often do you over-eat?

Food Addiction Quiz Results

If your answers to these food addiction quiz questions concern you, seek guidance. The path to recovery from food addiction or problems with food involves recognition, admission, and acceptance. Identification of the problem -- realizing that something is wrong -- leads to recovery. Food addiction help can be found in private therapy and in self-help programs. You can print these questions and share the responses with your doctor.


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