Bipolar Disorder - Manic Depression Conference Transcripts

Conference transcripts featuring authoritative guests detailing management and treatment of bipolar disorder in adults and children and related issues.

  1. Bipolar Medication Non-Compliance, Dual Diagnosis, Dealing Effectively With Manic Episodes
    Guest: Dr. Eric Bellman

  2. Bipolar Medications
    Guest: Dr. Carol Watkins

  3. Coping With Feelings and Thoughts of Suicide
    Guest: Dr. Alan Lewis

  4. Dealing with Depression Naturally
    Guest: Syd Baumel

  5. Depression Treatments
    Guest: Dr. Louis Cady

  6. Diagnosis and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder - Manic Depression
    Guest: Dr. Ronald Fieve

  7. Electroconvulsive Therapy Experiences
    Guests: Sasha and Julaine

  8. Experiences of Living with Bipolar Disorder
    Guest: Paul Jones

  9. Food and Your Moods
    Guest: Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons

  10. How to Better Cope with Bipolar
    Guest: Madeleine Kelly

  11. Living with Bipolar Disorder
    Guests: David and Jean

  12. Living Without Depression and Manic Depression: A Guide To Maintaining Mood Stability
    Guest: Mary Ellen Copeland

  13. Mood Disorders in Children
    Guest: Trudy Carlson

  14. Parenting Bipolar Children
    Guest: George Lynn

  15. Parenting Difficult Children
    Guest: Howard Glasser

  16. Recovery Issues in Bipolar Disorder
    Guest: Dr. Emanuel Severus

  17. Self-Help Stuff That Works
    Guest: Adam Khan

  18. Successfully Managing Bipolar Disorder
    Guest Julie Fast

  19. Treating Self-Injury
    Guest: Michelle Seliner

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