Does Therapy Focus on Problems or Solutions?

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Some types of therapy focus on your problems and where they came from. Other types focus on solutions. How do you know which is right for you?

Does Therapy Focus on Problems or Solutions?

If you are experiencing mental health difficulties that are disrupting your life, you might consider working with a therapist to help you sort things out and strengthen your mental health and mental wellbeing. The nature of therapy differs among therapists, so learning about different therapists (and the different types of therapy) before selecting one can help you work effectively toward healing.

Each therapist has their own research-based approach to helping people. There are many approaches to healing because everyone is unique; what might work well for one person won’t help another at all. An important difference among therapists is whether they focus on problems or solutions. (Read this to learn how to find a therapist who’s right for you.)

Of course, all therapists and clients do work on both problems and solutions. Some, though, believe that it’s important to talk about problems and where they came from in order to come to terms with them. Others believe that therapy should involve developing solutions and goals for the future.

Think of your own objectives for therapy. Look for a therapist that matches your needs. Consider asking questions like these to learn a therapist’s focus:

  • How much will we explore my problems?
  • Will I have a chance to vent?
  • Will I be developing solutions for the future or talking through what happened to me in the past?

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