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Mental Illness Awareness Weeks

Mental Illness Awareness WeeksThis week was designated "National Eating Disorders Awareness Week." Wednesday was also "Self-injury Awareness Day." Throughout the year, there are awareness days like this to help educate people about different aspects of mental illness and what it's like living with a mental illness.

Educating the general public is important. It makes people aware of these mental health conditions and, in turn, hopefully reduces stigma. It may also help someone recognize the warning signs of a mental illness they, or a loved one, have been experiencing; thus leading them to seek a professional diagnosis and treatment.

For our own community, I think these awareness days can serve an additional purpose. They remind us that mental illnesses are very real and require real treatment. It's also a reminder that we have to educate ourselves and our loved ones (supporters, caregivers) about these conditions so we can live the best lives possible.

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