Teaching Kids about Mental Health, Self-Awareness in Classrooms

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How do you teach kids about mental health in the classroom? It’s as simple as putting up a mental health check-in chart. Read more on HealthyPlace.

Teaching Kids about Mental Health, Self-Awareness in Classrooms

Can teaching kids self-awareness and giving them the tools to open up about mental health be simple, cheap, and easy to fit into a packed school day? Erin Castillo, a special education teacher in San Francisco, does just that. She devised the mental health check-in chart, and it’s working wonders.

The mental health check-in is simple and powerful. She hangs a large, attractively decorated length of paper on a prominent wall. It reads “Mental Health Check-In”, and it sports the following rows:

  • I’m great
  • I’m okay
  • I’m meh
  • I’m struggling
  • I’m having a really hard time & wouldn’t mind a check-in
  • I’m in a really dark place

Students are encouraged to, at any time, slap a sticky note on the chart to show how they’re feeling. They can write their name on the back if they choose, and they can ask for a check-in.

This brilliant strategy, which has now been implemented by teachers nationwide, keeps mental health visible and prominent, lets students see that they’re not the only one experiencing any type of emotion, see that emotions aren’t permanent, and safely ask for help if they choose.

Getting rid of mental health stigma in schools and making it a priority is as simple, inexpensive, and non-time-consuming as paper, pencils, and a non-threatening invitation.

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