Mental Health Therapy: What Do Therapists Do for You?

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Mental health therapy can be an effective way to overcome challenges and obstacles. Discover how therapists can help you.

Mental Health Therapy: What Do Therapists Do for You?

Mental health therapy can be an effective way to overcome challenges and obstacles. Therapists help people with a wide range of difficulties, including (but not limited to) depression, anxiety, stress management, relationships, and difficulties of specific mental illnesses and personality disorders.

Often, uncertainties about the process can make people hesitant to seek mental health therapy. Here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect a therapist to do. Keeping in mind that every therapist is unique in their personality and approach. In general, therapists:

  • Provide a safe place where you can talk about things you’re not comfortable sharing with others
  • Listen deeply and reflect your ideas back so you can understand yourself in new ways
  • Focus on your background, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, or a combination to help you make sense of problems and move forward positively
  • Refrain from giving advice or ordering you to change
  • Help you explore options and choices
  • Work with you to develop skills and tools to soar on your own rather than keeping you dependent on therapy for life

Working with a therapist can empower you to rise above obstacles and create the best version of yourself and your life. If you feel stuck and want to overcome what’s holding you back, mental health therapy might be something to consider.

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"I need them to be aware and present with me in the midst of the storm not just tell me what to do."

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