Reasons to Make 2018 YOUR Year of Mental Health

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You deserve good mental health. Here are great reasons to make 2018 your year of mental health.

Reasons to Make 2018 YOUR Year of Mental Health

Congratulations! You’ve reached another new year. Forget the New Year’s resolutions. Celebrate being here in this moment, just as you are. You’ve had mental health challenges, and you’ve weathered them with your strengths. Celebrate that, and look forward with positivity to 2018, a brand new year waiting for you to jump into.

This might sound energizing, or it might sound exhausting. Living with mental illness or any mental health challenge can make it difficult at times to look ahead with enthusiasm. To give you a boost, here are great reasons to make 2018 your year of mental health.

  • You deserve it. You have inherent worth, and facing mental health challenges doesn’t diminish your value.
  • You have passions. Mental illness can feel deflating and can make you focus on all of the associated struggles. Yet you do have things that bring you joy, and you can make pursuing them a priority this year.
  • You have good things in your life that mental illness can’t take away from you. You can love, you can nurture yourself and others, and you can appreciate beauty within you and around you.

Living with mental illness and mental health challenges can be difficult. There are times when you don’t think you will ever feel mentally healthy. Yet you are not your illness. You are separate, a deserving human being who has countless reasons to make 2018 YOUR mentally healthy year. 

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"It is in my head. It’s a mental illness, but that doesn’t make it not real."

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