Going From Suicidal Thoughts To A Suicide Attempt

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Many with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, addictions and other mental health conditions have thought about suicide. But I wanted to know what stops someone from crossing the line; from thinking about suicide to attempting or completing suicide?

Going From Suicidal Thoughts To A Suicide Attempt

What stops someone from suicide? Going from suicidal thoughts to actually attempting or completing suicide?

Many with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, addictions and other mental health conditions have thought about suicide. But I wanted to know what stops someone from crossing the line; from thinking about suicide to attempting or completing suicide?

Shawn T. Smith, Psy.D., says "there is a certain kind of thinking that fuels suicide, and for most of us it is a terribly difficult idea to sit with: suicide is problem-solving behavior. In the mind of someone considering suicide, the act may seem like an expeditious and effective way to eliminate pain."

For those who are balancing on the line between life and death then, what keeps them from going through with the suicide?

  • Fear of death (What does the afterlife hold?)
  • Fear of an unsuccessful suicide attempt and being left physically and/or mentally worse off
  • Inability to actually take their own life
  • Regrets about leaving people behind or hurting loved ones
  • An ounce of hope that things will get better

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Your Thoughts

Today's Question: If you've thought about suicide, what is it that keeps you from taking the next step? We invite you to participate by commenting and sharing your feelings, experiences and knowledge on the HealthyPlace Facebook page.

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