When Mental Illness Makes You Oversensitive

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When Mental Illness Makes You Oversensitive

There are many different types of mental illness, and they all share some common features. They are life-disruptive, and they affect someone's whole being: body, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Also, mental illnesses can make people oversensitive.

Mental illness can make people oversensitive in many different ways. For example, people living with mental illness can

  • become overstimulated by sounds, lights, crowds of people, and more
  • be bothered by physical sensations such as touch, irritation from fabrics, etc.
  • be easily overwhelmed by strong emotions, their own as well as others'
  • be overpowered and distracted by racing thoughts.

It's not uncommon for someone living with a mental illness to feel totally overwhelmed due to this oversensitivity. When that happens to you, try the following tips:

  • find a dim, quiet place
  • breathe deeply and slowly without trying to control your thoughts or feelings; just be
  • do something rhythmic, such as running the forefinger of one hand up and down the fingers of your other hand and then switching hands
  • put space between your thoughts/feelings and your true self; acknowledge the fact that you feel or think a certain way, and also acknowledge that it doesn't represent who you are

Separate yourself from situations, thoughts, and feelings to keep oversensitivity from crushing you.

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