How To Improve Your Relationships

"Honesty can be rough but it's the only way to go if you want a close intimate relationship."

What YOU can do to improve your relationships.

How To Improve Your Relationships

  • Talk with your partner openly and honestly.
  • Don't sacrifice yourself for the relationship.
  • Take responsibility for your feelings.
  • Know you can only change yourself.
  • Be yourself always.
  • Know your intentions behind your words.
  • Communicate your wants and needs to your partner.
  • Accept them as they are.
  • Let go of absolute value judgments.
  • Drop your expectations of how they "should" be.
  • Listen with your whole body, mind and soul.
  • Express your appreciation and gratitude openly and often.
  • Examine your beliefs about love relationships.
  • Use humor to defuse difficult situations.
  • Examine your desire to control your partner.
  • Have a dialogue about your beliefs.


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