Using Questions To Be More Self Aware

"Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness."
- James Thurber

Using Questions To Be More Self AwareQuestions can help you become more self aware. Are you where you live? Are you your job? Are you what you look like? The answers to these questions are only reflections of who you are to the outside world. But it's just that, a reflection of your inner self. To go below the surface, the questions need to be more meaningful.

Think of the questions as being in layers. Each level or layer of questioning takes you closer and closer to the "core of your being."

Example of Layers

What type of people do I enjoy spending time with?
Well...they have to be open-minded people. I really enjoy their company.

Why do I enjoy being with open-minded people?
Because then I can explore lots of different ideas. I enjoy searching for answers. And if they're open-minded, the exploration can go anywhere!

What do I mean by "exploration can go anywhere"?
I mean I can investigate all the big questions in life like...Why are we here or where do emotions come from?

How does being with open-minded people assist me in exploring those questions?
Well...if they're open-minded they won't make fun of my ideas.

Why is it important to me that people not make fun of my ideas?
Because it feels like my ideas I don't like being made fun of.

Why don't I like being made fun of?
Because then I feel shitty about myself.

Why would I feel shitty about myself if people made fun of me?
Because they're not accepting me for who I am!

Why do I feel shitty if others don't accept me for who I am?
Because it means I'm not OK.

How does others not accepting me mean I'm not okay?
Hmmmm.... I guess it doesn't have to mean that.

As you can see, the further down in the questioning process you go, the more you can tap into why you do what you do and who you are. It will take time for you to go through all the questions if you keep digging down each layer. Feel free to refer back to this example when answering the questions.


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