Psychosis Test: Am I Psychotic?

Bipolar psychosis test to help determine if you have experienced psychotic symptoms.

Psychosis test to help determine if you have experienced psychotic symptoms.

This psychosis test will provide insight into your question: "Am I psychotic?" Before I delve more deeply into bipolar psychosis and its symptoms, here is a psychosis test to help you see if you, or the person you care about, may have experienced psychosis. So many people with bipolar disorder assume that the illness is basically mania and depression. Because of this, they may live with psychotic symptoms for years and not know what they are!

Psychosis Test: Looking for the Symptoms of Psychosis

Have you ever ....

  • Heard a voice calling your name as though it were another person?
  • Felt that people were talking about you or that someone was following you- but there was absolutely no proof of this?
  • Felt as though your brain were fragmented, scrambled and filled with bits and pieces of conversations, music and odd noises?
  • Had trouble looking people in the eye and then felt they were looking at you funny?
  • Seen yourself get killed as though you were watching a movie?
  • Seen animals running around - such as rats running around a chair?
  • Had a strong belief that someone you love is having an affair- with no proof or even a reason to feel that way; maybe even to the point of accusation and private detectives?
  • Felt like your brain was not connected to your body?
  • Heard your name called on a loudspeaker in a grocery store?
  • Felt like you were being tortured by an unseen force that wants you dead?
  • Had people point out that what you're experiencing is literally impossible, but no matter what they say, it still feels real to you to the point you think people may be lying to you?
  • Felt, said and heard things that are scary, such as a devil in the closet?
  • Believed you were a great figure from the past such as Cleopatra?

All of the above symptoms represent either a hallucination or a delusion. These are very common psychosis symptoms that many people with bipolar can experience even on a low level. For others, the symptoms pass from these milder forms to more full-blown symptoms where basic functioning and thinking are impossible. With psychosis, you actually see, hear and feel an experience that isn't there and isn't true. There is no sense of ownership- it feels as though the sights, sounds and feelings come from outside the body- not the normal thinking process.

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