My name is Nori Rose Hubert. You might recognize my name from the Work and Bipolar or Depression blog here at HealthyPlace, where I have been blogging for a little over a year. I have enjoyed my time there, but lately, I have felt called to expand my mental health writing into other areas -- and the subject of mental health in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc. (LGBTQ+) community is a topic that hits very close to home.
It's always nice to see folks speaking up in the name of mental health awareness. Continuing the conversation about mental health and mental illness is one of the key things we can do when combatting mental health stigma, but it's important to communicate in these situations effectively. I'd like to use what happened with Demi Lovato and a small frozen yogurt business as a starting point and example for this conversation.
We all want to feel like we are contributing to the world, but as the world grows more competitive, it can be hard to feel that we are doing "enough"— as employees, partners, parents, or just as members of society. This has resulted in a culture of "competitive tiredness," in which we measure our worth according to how exhausted we are and seek recognition of that exhaustion from the people around us as proof that we are "doing enough." It causes friction in personal relationships and is terrible for our mental health. So why have we become so invested in the idea that to be fulfilled, you also have to be knackered?
How do you know if it's the "baby blues" or postpartum depression? Learn how to tell the difference and what to do if you think it is postpartum depression.
I’ve been hearing voices for a long time--almost 23 years. So, I didn’t think anything I experienced during a schizoaffective voices episode would surprise me anymore. Well, I was wrong. The voices I heard a few days ago were very different from anything I previously experienced.
As a self-harmer, you can easily become convinced that choosing to hurt yourself, rather than others, is the right thing to do. But if there's one thing I learned from my own self-harm experiences, it's that hurting yourself to help others rarely works out the way you hope it will.
Help is available for anxiety. Sometimes, it doesn't seem like it. Anxiety is so common it's almost accepted as a fact of daily life that must be tolerated. On the other hand, though, many people have a hard time admitting that they experience anxiety for fear of being judged negatively for seeking help. Further, anxiety's symptoms are strong, and it can often seem like nothing can help. These are all illusions (albeit strong ones). Behind them lies the truth: anxiety is treatable and manageable, and you can find help for your journey away from anxiety and into a peaceful life. These suggestions can point you to anxiety help that works for you.
In the middle of some of the hectic days I've had with my child and his attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), I've often wondered: what causes mental illness in children, and what does that mean for me as a mother?
One frequent trap I fall into when I become too complacent in eating disorder recovery is an urge to romanticize the past. I reflect on all those years I was consumed by anorexia with a kind of nostalgia that whispers, "Remember how in control you felt back then? Remember the rush of satisfaction that came each time you skipped a meal? Remember the sense of power that intensified with each mile you ran on the treadmill? Remember how proud you were to have a small, narrow body? Don't you want to feel like this again?"
Living with mental illness or mental health challenges can be frustrating. It can complicate the stuff of life, such as making and keeping friendships. In the last post, we explored some obstacles mental illness throws in the way of friendships, as well as a vital first step in friendships: becoming a friend to yourself. Now we'll turn to some practical tips for making friends when you are dealing with mental health difficulties.

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Mahevash Shaikh
It's a catch-22 situation, isn't it? Best to ask your psychiatrist so that they can up or change your dose, or explain that the pandemic is largely responsible for my lethargy (this is what my psych said). Take care.
Forgot to add that I really like the idea of replacing "I'm sorry" with "Thank you". When I can't figure something out, I apologize for being a little dense. I know I'm generally smart so I feel especially stupid when I don't understand something immediately. I think we're all smart at certain things and maybe a little dumb with others! :)
Being Canadian though, when is apologizing considered too much? :)

Seriously though, thanks for a helpful article. I might be guilty of doing this because I apologize a LOT although I'm not sure if I do it to get reassurance or because I feel it's mostly my fault when things go south.
I've never given a thought to antidepressants causing drowsiness in me. They might have said that in the initial info that I got but I haven't looked at it since. Because I'm constantly tired and now I'm wondering if it's the antidepressants or depression causing me to be unproductive. I certainly have similar experiences, not being able to get up with the alarm or do the most basic of activities like showering regularly, doing the dishes, cleaning the litterbox, etc.
Hi, I’m 24 female recently been sectioned under mental health act. I suffer with really bad anxiety and depression. I took 2 overdoses and 1 overdose whilst on section. My section is supposed to end in 3 days but they have taken it off early as the doctor can’t let it phase out and isn’t here when the section is suppose to end. I have told her I’m still very suicidal and I have a plan ready. She isn’t listening to me and is telling me it’s my responsibility to change my thoughts. Wont prescribe me any meds. They think I have BPD and I know full well I don’t. I may have 2/3 symptoms as I self harm but have done for years as my anxiety stops me from expressing my feelings. I tried to explain I’m suffering from depression, as I ticked all the boxes for it barring one which is restlessness. Tried to explain this to her. My mum, sisters and brothers have depression all on antidepressants. In the beginning of the section I wasn’t engaging as I couldn’t understand how I even got in this situation and didn’t understand why they were doing what they were doing as it is my first time being in psych ward. Stayed in my room for the first 3 weeks as my anxiety was really bad and I had no motivation. When I finally started to engage they diagnosed me with BPD after me telling them how I am thinking/feeling this was just in one 25 minute session. They aren’t listening to me. I am still very suicidal and can’t shake it off. I feel so stuck right now as I’m leaving the ward on Monday and I have made my plan. I had to ring my GP as I feel unheard and I feel really exposed and ashamed now as I thought they would want to help but they aren’t taking my feelings into consideration. I can’t seem to make decisions. My GP ended up ringing the ward, but no one has approached me about it. I live with my sister and she is very concerned and obviously can’t take the pressure of keeping me safe. The doctors said they will not be extending my section at all. I feel really unsafe even on the ward as I know I can just leave whenever I want and they can’t do anything about it. The doctor has said I don’t have depression as I don’t look depressed, she said she thinks I’m obsessed with taking overdoses. I tried to tell her that the reason I have taken 3 is to end my life. They also said that depression only comes in episodes and isn’t always there. I just don’t know what I’m suppose to do anymore. They have advised that i need psychotherapy for the BPD but I can’t concentrate on anything as I don’t want to be alive anymore and I can’t make my suicidal thoughts/feelings go. I also feel like this isn’t the correct treatment for as i know im dealing with depression and anxiety. My suicidal thoughts and feeling are there constantly and I’m really stuggling right now. I just feel so stuck and not taken seriously. I just give up as it’s hard enough to find the motivation to want to get better. Is there anything you could suggest please.