Insurance Companies and Psychiatric Medications

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Insurance Companies and Psychiatric Medications

  Insurance Companies and Psychiatric Medications

A lot of people are responding/commenting to these two articles by Angela McClanahan, author of the "Life with Bob" blog.

Angela's son, Bob, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD and the insurance company denied what they say is a "premature" refill of his prescriptions. Most of the reader response centers around a comment made by "ConcernedMom" who questions whether Bob's psychiatrist and Angela are over-medicating him? She thinks the insurance company acted as an appropriate gatekeeper.

I'm in no position to judge that, but in the article, Angela asks a bigger question that affects everyone with a mental illness:

"Who are these people who get to decide what medication we take and how much? Not the physicians we're paying $100 (or more) a visit. Why bother going to a doctor at all? Next time you're feeling poorly, just call your insurance company–they apparently have the power to diagnose you AND determine your best course of treatment, all without seeing you OR your medical history."

I'd be interested to read (comment here) or hear (call 1-888-883-8045) your thoughts on this.

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