Weigh Your Words

  • LoveNote. . . Oh, be careful of the words you speak! ~ Rev. David Ring

It is a wise love partner who is aware of the potential damage loose words can cause. Words spoken in anger inflict wounds that sometimes take a long time to heal. Think first, then speak.

Weigh Your WordsIt is one thing to speak what you feel and quite another to speak what you feel without regard to the consequences of the pain that might accompany your words when spoken hastily to your love partner.

The words we express allow us to predict the predicaments that will occur in our relationships. It is wise to be careful of the words we think. Thinking them becomes a dress rehearsal for what we can expect to happen. Speaking them activates the law of cause and effect.

On the other hand, the words of encouragement, of understanding, of love, or any words that echo good will always elevate us to their own level. That is most likely a higher place than where we began. As often as you can, speak only words of love.

Relationships don't die by themselves. We kill relationships with inappropriate words -- words from the head, not from the heart.

  • LoveNote. . . Words in haste do love partners waste. ~ Larry James

Words once spoken create our present reality. Remember: You cannot un-ring a bell. They can never be recalled. We must remember to think before we speak. We must carefully weigh the cost of speaking our thoughts randomly and without evaluating the possible outcome. Be considerate of your love partner.

Often our thoughts revert back to the "safe zone". . . the familiar. . . the way of being that we were before, and that didn't work.

When we insist upon thinking and speaking past thoughts as words, we find that they will dominate our attention and only keep us stuck. Mentally rehearsing what doesn't work, doesn't work, if you want your life to be great. It only more deeply internalizes what you don't want. Focus on what you want in your relationship!

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In essence, we begin to believe that which we think is our very own new idea. In reality, most likely, those thoughts are from our past, and if concentrated upon, reoccur as our present and eventually as our future. Give it up! Make up some new and exciting ways of being. We must give up what we don't want in favor of what we would like to happen.

In the Bible, Job said, "The thing I feared has come upon me." Those words were an acknowledgment of the power of his negative thinking, spoken as his word, which eventually became his very own reality.

The power of the words we speak is proven daily in what shows up in our lives. The tendency is to place blame on the circumstances around us rather than accept responsibility that we authored the thoughts we spoke and that in speaking them as words, in truth, created our present condition.

Our outer results will never be any different unless we make internal changes in the way we think and take caution of the words we speak.

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