Letting Go of Old Beliefs

As I continue growing in my recovery, I'm constantly gaining new spiritual insights, discovering new ways of thinking, and acquiring new beliefs. In addition to letting go of the past, I've realized that unless I also let go of the old beliefs that governed my past actions, then I will repeat the past. Like most people, I act from my beliefs, so the key to breaking free from the cycles of the past is to fine tune my thinking process and my beliefs in the present.

Avoiding a repeat of the past is why recovery is so important to me. Recovery (in particular, the Twelve Steps) is a re-education process. Recovery gives me the transformational power and the permission to change my beliefs, and thus change my actions. Not by osmosis (i.e., just showing up at meetings), but by actively working the Twelve Steps and making conscious, aware, choices in the day-to-day decisions that affect the quality of all my relationships.

Prior to recovery, I acted on my old beliefs and old scripts automatically. I didn't have to think—I just did what I learned from my family of origin. Through recovery, I learned to pause and question my actions, and eventually, to question the beliefs on which those actions were based. Once I gave myself permission to question and let go of the old, worn-out beliefs and attitudes that caused me pain, I began to understand that only through new beliefs, new thinking processes, and new attitudes would my actions arise from different motivations (and thus change). I still regress at times and I still make mistakes, but the overall pattern of my life and my actions now arise from new ways of thinking, believing, and being.

Here are some of the old beliefs I released:

  • I will only find love outside myself.

    New belief: All the love I need is within me. Life is about giving love, not getting it.

  • I will only find security and happiness in material things.

    New belief: Simplicity is the road to security and happiness. Less really is more.

  • I will only find fulfillment in another person.

    New belief: Fulfillment is my choice. I am most fulfilled when I choose to love myself, take care of myself, be aware, and continue growing emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

  • I must create a life purpose and destiny for myself.

    New belief: My life purpose and destiny is already mapped out. I am responsible for living today, to the best of my ability, giving love unconditionally, remaining spontaneous, and staying aware of what is happening as my life unfolds.

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  • I will only get I want and need by taking it, fighting for it, or controlling others.

    New belief: Whatever I truly need will come to me. I can let go and let God take care of my needs. I am responsible for being aware of options as they arise, to maximize the blessings and resources that come my way.

Thank You, God for showing me how to change my life by changing my attitudes and my beliefs.

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